She’s fresh, funky and a true original.

Heads turn when she walks on by: She’s that girl you want to hang out with, smart and charming and with a mad sense of humour.

She’s sweet but outspoken, doesn’t follow trends and has wicked style. She likes to dance, eat carrot cake, and treat random strangers to a winning smile (especially when she has some salad stuck between her teeth).

She’s a rebel with a cause, with the biggest heart. The maximalism to your minimalism, the yin to your yang. A lover, not a fighter. .. uhm.. you get it.

And whenever she rides her bike, she wears the cutest dress and sings completely out of tune.



OK, we've got to be honest with you here. We design clothes for you to love and wear, sure. But most of all, we design clothes we really want to wear ourselves, all day, every day.

We love colour as much as we always did, and our weak spot for prints won’t disappear in a million years. But we might, just might, have gained a few pounds in all the wrong and right places. So flattering shapes and a bit of camouflage are most welcome, thank you very much. All Wow To Go! fabrics and prints are designed exclusively by us, so you won't find that amazing dress or those funky palazzo trousers anywhere else, ever.


How we got started

15 years ago, we were a bunch of kids with lots of attitude and no cash. We loved vintage without the musty smell. Couture, without the pricetag. Colours and cool prints that no-one else wore. And most of all, we were fed-up with looking for the totally unfindable, so we figured: Why keep on searching for the holy grail of fashion if we can make it ourselves?

And, quelle surprise- turned out we weren’t the only ones who liked "wow!" clothes without a “what?” pricetag. Our colourful dresses, shirts and trousers sold like hot cakes, or, should we say, pistolets, and within a few years, we opened a store in our hometown Antwerp, had an extensive collection and were booming like an overactive human beatbox.

Today, Who’s That Girl has 5 brand stores and is sold in over 300 European points of sale.


Don’t be perfect, be real

Embrace your quirks, is what we say. You are as beautiful as you feel and besides: We all got better things to do than or stand in front of a mirror all day.

That’s why we design clothes that are low-maintenance, dress you up in a sec, and flatter all shapes and sizes. And that’s why the stars of our collections are beautiful women we spot on the street, not professional models.

Cause it’s all about the attitude, baby. That, and a killer dress.



We like to work with natural fibres. For each new collection, we experiment with new options to finetune the production of our fabrics.

95% of our collection is made by trusted suppliers we've worked with right from the start. We visit the manufacturing units at least twice a year, to meet up rg. production and to check on new collection ideas. Our main suppliers have certificates by Sedex, an independent organization conducting regular audits concerning ethical production.

We are proud to announce that as from 2017 onwards, we've added a number of 100% organic cotton items to our collection, as well.

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